Mankinds fate

The halls are on fire, and the darkness wages it war..let whatever god you believe in have pitty upon your souls, for the time of the reaping of man is at hand..


I make no judgement on mankind, as we all have to answer for our lives in the end..

I will break this post into subsections, as each will have its own fate..

I am the breaker of nations, and he who has an ear, let it be heard,for the time is short.

To the jewish nation of Israel, i say, you have wandered from your path. In the eyes of Gods grace, you will find a kind of pain. You kill the innocent, starve people, and wage your war as you feel its your right, while at the same time forgetting the cries of your own people as they were gased, starved, killed in Germany and other parts of the world. You have forgotten your place, forgotten your grace, and have fallen from the path of David. For this you will meet a new kind of terror, a new kind of pain.

For those of Islam, i say to you, where is your faith, where is the ways you should follow. You say you are of a peaceful religion, but wage your wars, wage your torment, wage your fear. It is said that fate is a double edge sword, and cuts both ways. You to have fallen from grace, fallen from the ways of your God, you live in spite, corrupting the ways of your faith. For this you will face a new age, a new fall, and happyness will never find you, peace will never calm your hearts until your shadows are abolished..

Christianity is fallen, the church has become corrupt..Shame to the men of cloth,  you have darkened the ways of faith with your perverted ways, you have fallen into the hands of corruption and have fallen and have been led astray..and the path is are no longer what was, a pristine faith..The lights of the churches dim as the shadow grows, and way is have failed man, you have failed man, and your end is near, is at hand..

I am of man, of god and land, i am of he who sits and cries, of he who passed judgement, if we live or die..I am of he who was and is, he who is of this world, i am of the i am..


I make not hidden my disapporoval of man, of the death of the land, of wars and destrucion, death by sword and hand, I sense it in the air, a feeling of dispair, i feel it in the wind, and its darkness, shadows from within..

If someone asks me how i see the world, i would say i see it in fire, slowly destroyed by mankinds greed. I only have one wish, for peace..but for peace to exist, so must all mankind die..But this is only a wish, as i see it will happen one day, manybe now, maybe later, but it will happen, that much i am sure of. I say let it happen, let the darkness roll on like whispers in the wind..


I feel as if mankind has forgotten its place, forgotten its mandate, forgotten is roll in this world..I feel as if mankind should perish, i dont care if your jewish, christian, muslim, buddah, or if you dont believe in god, our values as human beings will be our downfall, i see it, i feel it, i welcome it..Life was once something pristine, something beautiful, something worth cherishing, and we only destroy it as if its garbage..So i say this day, lets end it all, lets all die regaurdless of religion, regaurdless of country, lets end it now, end the pain, end the torment, end the mistrust that is destroying the fabric of our society..destroy mankind..


Conflicts of darkness..

It is in the way we live that defines us, gives us the hope for a viable future..Its in the way we love and hate, the way of the darkness around us and the image of light at the end of the tunnel that guides us..

In recent days, its come to be that whispers of yet another war rage, this time in the darkness of North Korea..As if we have suddenly forgotten the days of when Iran was the enemy, the riders of the 4 horsemen have travels east to the Koreas and are ready to reel in the seeds for another conflict..

I believe this would unfold in two differnet scenerios..The first less terrifying, carried out in conventional mean, normal warfare, long, costly and devistateing…North Korea rages its war against the south, as the usa comes to its aid,and war breaks out in the region, with russia and china sitting at the sidelines waiting and watching..

The second senerio is more scarry and even more devistating..North Korea uses nuclear missles against the south, japan or against the usa..In the event of an attack against usa soil, Nato would invoke article 12, an attack against one Nato ally is an attack against all of Nato, therefore pulling Europe into the war, and thus bringing Russia to North Koreas side as Russia is against Nato, when this happens china would then get involved thus setting the events for the final world war..a nuclear conflict that will engulf the world..



Fallen from grace..

I sit here in my home, watching the world fall into darkness..As i grew up i watched the world change, from one day to another, one year to another, one decade to another, and all i see is the degrading values that we the people hold so close become entangled in greed, corruption, unmoral and unjust acts, war, ect….I have always said that one day mankinds fate will be sealed by the acts and demoralization of its society..

I make no claims as to admire or love our society, in fact i am not really seen as a racist as some people think, i am not against one group or another, one religion or another, one color or another, one gender or another..In my eyes the world should be clensed..Clensed of the filth and putridness that is bringing the world closer to destruction, either by environmental, economic or war..If i had it my way the human race would not exist..

I sit here in the darkness, not a light to be seen, curtains drawn with only the darkness to comfort me, and the whispers in the darkness to hold me at bay..Whispers in the shadows, cries in the wind, they tell of what i dream about, give me hope, that someday mankind will fall from grace and one day, end..I believe in heaven, in hell, but if i had my choice when i die, i would ask to spend eternity alone in a void, in darkness, alone in dispair and silience..

If i had the power to do so, i would nuke the world from one end to the other, put an end to it all, life, death, suffering, pleasure..end the hopes, dreams, aspirations..end the conflicts, the corruption, the human race..Its the masters call, the way of it all, and the way man dies, its the way of the pen, the economic strain, and way mankind lies..I sit in thoughts, in dreams and whispers..and the shadows tell their tales..

In the end…


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This is a poem that was written, not to be thought of as a actual nostradamus depicts the feelings of mankind, and life….

I can feel it in the wind,

A whisper of darkness from within.

A wave of shadow and times end,

A feeling of dispair, lives that bend.

The wind whispers its name,

A shallow man of fame,

The wind houls and falls,

A whisper of darkness in the halls.

I can feel it in the air,

A wave of mankinds dispair.

Loves lost and life to be,

Becomes a pattern of darkness and misery.

The air is thin and cries from within,

Become part of the new life to be.

All that was is but a memory of the lost,

No happiness in life for thee.

Its a magic day, a wonderous way

the feeling of how life will end

The son of man, the hollow hand

And the songs are in disarray.

In the sea you see, the way to be

Darkness falls from the sky

In the sea you see, the feeling of thee

And way to love and lie

Greed to be the new way of thee

And the weak fall from grace.

See within the soul you see

And life will end in misery.

Cries and tears, waves of fears

And life seem to flee

Waves of those sent from above,

And destroy you and me.

A fire from the sky, a weak mans eye

Falling as if from grace

A fire from the sky, an old mans lie

And even the firey grass has no race

Its the masters will, the pen and the quill

and the arrow that strikes

Its the way of time, no songs, no rhyme,

and the way of life he does not like

Look to the sky, see no white, no lie

See the world for what it is

Look to the fires of he who ponders and sits

And dreams become no longer his.

From the east it will roar, west it soars,

the endless fall of the vain

Its the colors of blue, satan held true

and the morning star thats slain.

From the east it dawns, the rising sun

And the wind becomes so foul

From the east it calls as the eagle falls

and freedom ends in hell

In its dreams it fell, to where fire dwells

and the sun and moon are as one

From the darkness i sit, in dreams and whit

And ponder when it will be done.

It is the wind you feel, not mankinds steel

The whip and a tear to you

It is the mountains that quake, a leader on a stake

And the sea devides in two

In the lands of the ancient comes fire from the sky

A stars energy reborn

The day becomes night, and the children no longer see

Its the end of life , for you and me

Wars and wars, rumors are such

Ashes to ashes, you become dust

In times and wonders, in fears and thunders

Comes the spirits to fight in flames sunders.

Its the way of the world, shadows and lust

Greed and evil, from ashes to dust

The world away,a new day, and the sparrow lies no more

A new day, lives in disarray and the enemys scorn.

To the leader of the 4, 2 and more, and a knight gaurds the gate

Waiting with death the herald warns of thunder, sealing mankinds fate.

In the sky it comes, a finger of the few

And in warmth you are scourned, flesh burned in the morning dew.

Stars of the just are the kings of greed

A whisper of a dark fate

A whole country mourns the loss of the chosen

Two nights to ponder are to late

From the lands of the herder, a thunder rolls, the monarch no longer dreams

Lands rise as far as the sea, armies at the gate,  wavering screams.

The child is no more, the door is closed and sealed

To whom is given the rod, feels his flesh peeled.

Its a waiting game, the day as the night, even the dogs have bones

Its a wavering tower, falling , falling, and flesh crushed in stone.

To the lands of old, the promised lands gone, a cry given in fear.

The ones chosen in life, become the outcast in death, no forgivness near.

The stars have eyes, and the children cries, and the heart is made of stone.

There will be fire in the halls, the heralds will fall and mans dust will not die alone..

Lights dim and the heart falls to a low

The air is thick and the darkness rolls, the wind stops to blow.

It is said the day will end, but not for your bones

In graves of blood and burning fields, loved ones covered in stone.

The darkness comes and winds rage, and mankind looks to the sky

In the mists of night comes the prince of light, and men will begin to die.

A whole is formed,  a worm to scorn, a shadow lit in lie

Heat to be becomes misery, and mankind will wonder why.

Words are said as a country lies dead, a shallow cry to hear

The wind stops as the heavens spread, many hide in fear

Man against man, country against country, all in a field of stone

As the angels roar and the wings soar, you will die alone.

Its the way of wonder, the fires that sunder, the flesh that rips from the bone

Again i say, wonder is the way, all in a field of stone.

3 days to dream and 3 to scream, 1 is left to fear

For there are days to live and days to die and even animals leave a tear.

Woe to thee sorrow and misery, man is left to ponder

Dreams to end and the mind is dead, man is left to wonder.

In the mountains is where the screams lie, a fire to end it all

Deep from hell where the heat dwells, comes a mountain side to fall

Its in the land of the free where there is misery, the world will see the day

When a mountain explodes as the eagle soars and darkness becomes the way.

Smoke and ash, a serpents lash and men fall to none

Its the masters way, serenity of the day and way to hell is done.

The world will say it was the day when the world began to die,

When the heralds work is to give pain and man stops to lie.

Innocence that is lost…


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May what ever god you believe in have pitty on your souls..for our souls are corrupt..The deaths of children are a reminder of the amount of innocence that is lost in the meaningless of conflicts and war…it doesnt matter if the children are muslim, jewish, christian, syrian, iranian, american or of any other cultur or state..The civil war in Syria is a continuence of the events that have shaken the foundations of the Middle East, sad it is that Syria cannot learn from its neighbors and give the country back to the people and live in peace…Peace was once a word of meaning that has become but a whisper on the wind of antiquity…War has ruled the world along side greed and selvrighteousness…I see a world falling apart where fear of losing money is more important that losing a life, where countries goto war for greed and resources instead of caring for people..

I feel the world has forgotten itself, has left the bountries of the just for the shadows of a time long forgotten, only found in antiquities of old.. We have become a world of technology, money, greed, hate, disconnection from the realitys we live in.. We have become a world that is not capable of surviveing if something isnt done…

The USA says give me your poor, your weak, your unfortuneate so they can become a part of a country of freedom, but now the poor are poor after years of makeing just a few rich, left to war and economic destruction..Where is the justice of the world when the poor of all nations sleep on the streets, beg for food, die of starvation, corruption or because of regional conflicts..Syria is no different than other countries as it kills it people because of the same greed and desires of other nations..And those left alive suffer while they see their loved ones die, their way of life stripped from them..Children are innocent no matter which country they come from, its the adults that create the missery of the world….and all becomes sadness..

Economics of an old world


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Its a bright sunny day, a start of a new workweek and you have started your day with the morning news..To your surprise you find the morning news grim..News has hit that Greece since leaveing the European Union has gone into turmoil as rioting hits the streets..At the same time its announced that Spain, England and Portugal have recently announced their departure from the EU. Markets have crashed in several Union states as the leaders of the reserve banks set to meet..

The United States markets have taken a huge fall because of the news of the depression now dooms to face Europe, and Asian markets are not far behind.. The federal reserve chairman in the USA has given a new broadcast saying that the United States has experienced a major market crash due to the recent events of the last weeks..This creates hysteria as markets world wide begin their dooms downfall..

War is the way of society when economic turmoil begins to play its hidden card…The States have begun already earlier in their campain in the middle east, something that had been said would create an even bigger conflict, and now many nations are entering the conflict and soon after it goes world wide..Economic depression to world war..Its happened before in history in europe and could happen again..

Iran and the USA


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There is growing concern that the United States along with its allys in the Middle East, namely Israel and unoffically others are planning for an invasion of Iran, with bombing as the start of an ongoing conflict in the Middle East. The United States with its massive millitary buildup in the gulf along the coast of Iran has been building up and planning for a secret bombing campaign far into Irans territory, this can also be seen as Israel has also been getting its country prepared for War.

Iran has never been liked by the United States because of its values of Islam and strength in the region which makes it more difficult to subdue the Middle East as a mainly USA freindly area. The United States has for many years had a desire to be rid of the government they see as a threat to american dominence in the region. Even former president Bush jr and sr wanted to be rid of Iran as seeing it as a defiance to the capitalistic ideals of the american dominence in the world.

Russia has since the 60s been a stone in the american side of idealism and control as being the only nation americans have grown to fear since the build up of nuclear weapons in the cold war. Both Russia and China have alot to lose and alot to gain by standing up to the United States in a possible conflict over Iran and the rest of the Middle East. Its no lie in saying the United States would love to be rid of China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. These nations have been on the wish list for extinction for the USA for many years. Just look at the american boycott of Cuba for several decades and you see a pattern. The only reason the USA has done this to Cuba and not Russia, Iran or China is because they are too big of a country to control.

Russia and China needs to back Iran if and when a conflict takes place between Iran and the USA and Israel. But then again China has its own conflict going with the phillipines at this time but that wont be nothing if a bigger conflict starts in Iran.   Its is my opinion that Russia and China should come to terms and help support Iran and North Korea and form an alliance saying we are not going to be pushed around my capitalism any longer. Putin is back in office in Russia, a sign that the country is back on the right track and with the promise of an unpresidented buildup of its millitary infratructure and equipment i hope it gets put to good use in the near future.

Europe has no economical means of support if a conflict should break out in the Middle East, of course neither does the USA but that doesnt stop them from being the millitary police of the world. Europe is going into a huge financial crisis of its own at this time, with huge unemployment, the economical colapse of the Euro being a possibility, and an uncertainty of a viable future.

Its is said that for every one that lies to your face is several that do it behind your back. This was the motto of the United States in  the Iraq war and is most likely the case in an eventual Iran conflict. Russia and China should send their fleets to Iran to show support and put a stop the american agression that has brought nothing but destruction to already unstabile and poverty stricken nations.

All about economics

Its a world of wonder and greed where those who have the money and wealth dictate and destroy the poor…Its come to a point in our society where even countries are experiencing so large debt that they near bancrupcy…Greece is a prime example..Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Iceland just to name a few that are or have had problems in the last couple years..and thats just in Europe.


The United States, who is said to be the financial powerhouse of the world, is now experiencing huge debt that will never get paid, high jobb loss, nearly bankrupt itself as it has raised the debt ceiling several times as it sees fit, and on top of this still finds itself wanting to war with other countries..amazeing they can find the money to do this as people live on the streets, go hungry and cant find a job, and the jobs they might produce are low paid jobs where people are kept in poverty…


The world needs a change, needs to get away from the greed that is killing everyone..Greed kills, money kills, people kill, its a never ending circle of pain…Wars are started because of money…If i had anything to do with it i would remove money and currancies and go back to a more sivil way of liveing, stop the oil being used to destroy our world…

War and rumors of war…


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It is a sad day when the world cant live in peace. But is this anything new? The world has always been at war at one point or another. Recent events in the world show an increased tension in the middle east with Iran building its nuclear reacters, Israel on the war path to bomb them and the United States positioning its naval fleets off the coast of Iran. This is a problem for world security as the world is already suffering from economic turmoil, and in the event of a huge conflict it could create even more turmoil….

It is in my opinion that the Iranian government has its sovereign right to start a nuclear energy program for peacefull purposes, but the United States and Israel have different ideas and seem to be using the same argument they used in Iraq, that they are makeing nuclear weapons…The United States is the only country on the planet up to now which has used nuclear weapons in a millitary conflict so why are they wanting to stop others when they are hording them themselves?

I feel the world is in a dangerous state where even the smallest conflict could turn into something bigger…So now i can only say one thing….Let it….Let Iran build what it wants, let the United States and its lust for war bomb Iran, Let Israel bomb Iran, why not…I say its a good idea, then russia and china gets involved, and the conflict can grow even bigger…Here is my vision of the future…Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea against the United States, Israel and parts of Europe who might actually be dumb enough to step into such a conflict..Again i say, let it happen..the world needs to be cleansed a bit in the blood of the foolish..