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It is a sad day when the world cant live in peace. But is this anything new? The world has always been at war at one point or another. Recent events in the world show an increased tension in the middle east with Iran building its nuclear reacters, Israel on the war path to bomb them and the United States positioning its naval fleets off the coast of Iran. This is a problem for world security as the world is already suffering from economic turmoil, and in the event of a huge conflict it could create even more turmoil….

It is in my opinion that the Iranian government has its sovereign right to start a nuclear energy program for peacefull purposes, but the United States and Israel have different ideas and seem to be using the same argument they used in Iraq, that they are makeing nuclear weapons…The United States is the only country on the planet up to now which has used nuclear weapons in a millitary conflict so why are they wanting to stop others when they are hording them themselves?

I feel the world is in a dangerous state where even the smallest conflict could turn into something bigger…So now i can only say one thing….Let it….Let Iran build what it wants, let the United States and its lust for war bomb Iran, Let Israel bomb Iran, why not…I say its a good idea, then russia and china gets involved, and the conflict can grow even bigger…Here is my vision of the future…Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea against the United States, Israel and parts of Europe who might actually be dumb enough to step into such a conflict..Again i say, let it happen..the world needs to be cleansed a bit in the blood of the foolish..