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There is growing concern that the United States along with its allys in the Middle East, namely Israel and unoffically others are planning for an invasion of Iran, with bombing as the start of an ongoing conflict in the Middle East. The United States with its massive millitary buildup in the gulf along the coast of Iran has been building up and planning for a secret bombing campaign far into Irans territory, this can also be seen as Israel has also been getting its country prepared for War.

Iran has never been liked by the United States because of its values of Islam and strength in the region which makes it more difficult to subdue the Middle East as a mainly USA freindly area. The United States has for many years had a desire to be rid of the government they see as a threat to american dominence in the region. Even former president Bush jr and sr wanted to be rid of Iran as seeing it as a defiance to the capitalistic ideals of the american dominence in the world.

Russia has since the 60s been a stone in the american side of idealism and control as being the only nation americans have grown to fear since the build up of nuclear weapons in the cold war. Both Russia and China have alot to lose and alot to gain by standing up to the United States in a possible conflict over Iran and the rest of the Middle East. Its no lie in saying the United States would love to be rid of China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. These nations have been on the wish list for extinction for the USA for many years. Just look at the american boycott of Cuba for several decades and you see a pattern. The only reason the USA has done this to Cuba and not Russia, Iran or China is because they are too big of a country to control.

Russia and China needs to back Iran if and when a conflict takes place between Iran and the USA and Israel. But then again China has its own conflict going with the phillipines at this time but that wont be nothing if a bigger conflict starts in Iran.   Its is my opinion that Russia and China should come to terms and help support Iran and North Korea and form an alliance saying we are not going to be pushed around my capitalism any longer. Putin is back in office in Russia, a sign that the country is back on the right track and with the promise of an unpresidented buildup of its millitary infratructure and equipment i hope it gets put to good use in the near future.

Europe has no economical means of support if a conflict should break out in the Middle East, of course neither does the USA but that doesnt stop them from being the millitary police of the world. Europe is going into a huge financial crisis of its own at this time, with huge unemployment, the economical colapse of the Euro being a possibility, and an uncertainty of a viable future.

Its is said that for every one that lies to your face is several that do it behind your back. This was the motto of the United States in  the Iraq war and is most likely the case in an eventual Iran conflict. Russia and China should send their fleets to Iran to show support and put a stop the american agression that has brought nothing but destruction to already unstabile and poverty stricken nations.