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Its a bright sunny day, a start of a new workweek and you have started your day with the morning news..To your surprise you find the morning news grim..News has hit that Greece since leaveing the European Union has gone into turmoil as rioting hits the streets..At the same time its announced that Spain, England and Portugal have recently announced their departure from the EU. Markets have crashed in several Union states as the leaders of the reserve banks set to meet..

The United States markets have taken a huge fall because of the news of the depression now dooms to face Europe, and Asian markets are not far behind.. The federal reserve chairman in the USA has given a new broadcast saying that the United States has experienced a major market crash due to the recent events of the last weeks..This creates hysteria as markets world wide begin their dooms downfall..

War is the way of society when economic turmoil begins to play its hidden card…The States have begun already earlier in their campain in the middle east, something that had been said would create an even bigger conflict, and now many nations are entering the conflict and soon after it goes world wide..Economic depression to world war..Its happened before in history in europe and could happen again..