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May what ever god you believe in have pitty on your souls..for our souls are corrupt..The deaths of children are a reminder of the amount of innocence that is lost in the meaningless of conflicts and war…it doesnt matter if the children are muslim, jewish, christian, syrian, iranian, american or of any other cultur or state..The civil war in Syria is a continuence of the events that have shaken the foundations of the Middle East, sad it is that Syria cannot learn from its neighbors and give the country back to the people and live in peace…Peace was once a word of meaning that has become but a whisper on the wind of antiquity…War has ruled the world along side greed and selvrighteousness…I see a world falling apart where fear of losing money is more important that losing a life, where countries goto war for greed and resources instead of caring for people..

I feel the world has forgotten itself, has left the bountries of the just for the shadows of a time long forgotten, only found in antiquities of old.. We have become a world of technology, money, greed, hate, disconnection from the realitys we live in.. We have become a world that is not capable of surviveing if something isnt done…

The USA says give me your poor, your weak, your unfortuneate so they can become a part of a country of freedom, but now the poor are poor after years of makeing just a few rich, left to war and economic destruction..Where is the justice of the world when the poor of all nations sleep on the streets, beg for food, die of starvation, corruption or because of regional conflicts..Syria is no different than other countries as it kills it people because of the same greed and desires of other nations..And those left alive suffer while they see their loved ones die, their way of life stripped from them..Children are innocent no matter which country they come from, its the adults that create the missery of the world….and all becomes sadness..