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This is a poem that was written, not to be thought of as a actual nostradamus quatrain..it depicts the feelings of mankind, and life….

I can feel it in the wind,

A whisper of darkness from within.

A wave of shadow and times end,

A feeling of dispair, lives that bend.

The wind whispers its name,

A shallow man of fame,

The wind houls and falls,

A whisper of darkness in the halls.

I can feel it in the air,

A wave of mankinds dispair.

Loves lost and life to be,

Becomes a pattern of darkness and misery.

The air is thin and cries from within,

Become part of the new life to be.

All that was is but a memory of the lost,

No happiness in life for thee.

Its a magic day, a wonderous way

the feeling of how life will end

The son of man, the hollow hand

And the songs are in disarray.

In the sea you see, the way to be

Darkness falls from the sky

In the sea you see, the feeling of thee

And way to love and lie

Greed to be the new way of thee

And the weak fall from grace.

See within the soul you see

And life will end in misery.

Cries and tears, waves of fears

And life seem to flee

Waves of those sent from above,

And destroy you and me.

A fire from the sky, a weak mans eye

Falling as if from grace

A fire from the sky, an old mans lie

And even the firey grass has no race

Its the masters will, the pen and the quill

and the arrow that strikes

Its the way of time, no songs, no rhyme,

and the way of life he does not like

Look to the sky, see no white, no lie

See the world for what it is

Look to the fires of he who ponders and sits

And dreams become no longer his.

From the east it will roar, west it soars,

the endless fall of the vain

Its the colors of blue, satan held true

and the morning star thats slain.

From the east it dawns, the rising sun

And the wind becomes so foul

From the east it calls as the eagle falls

and freedom ends in hell

In its dreams it fell, to where fire dwells

and the sun and moon are as one

From the darkness i sit, in dreams and whit

And ponder when it will be done.

It is the wind you feel, not mankinds steel

The whip and a tear to you

It is the mountains that quake, a leader on a stake

And the sea devides in two

In the lands of the ancient comes fire from the sky

A stars energy reborn

The day becomes night, and the children no longer see

Its the end of life , for you and me

Wars and wars, rumors are such

Ashes to ashes, you become dust

In times and wonders, in fears and thunders

Comes the spirits to fight in flames sunders.

Its the way of the world, shadows and lust

Greed and evil, from ashes to dust

The world away,a new day, and the sparrow lies no more

A new day, lives in disarray and the enemys scorn.

To the leader of the 4, 2 and more, and a knight gaurds the gate

Waiting with death the herald warns of thunder, sealing mankinds fate.

In the sky it comes, a finger of the few

And in warmth you are scourned, flesh burned in the morning dew.

Stars of the just are the kings of greed

A whisper of a dark fate

A whole country mourns the loss of the chosen

Two nights to ponder are to late

From the lands of the herder, a thunder rolls, the monarch no longer dreams

Lands rise as far as the sea, armies at the gate,  wavering screams.

The child is no more, the door is closed and sealed

To whom is given the rod, feels his flesh peeled.

Its a waiting game, the day as the night, even the dogs have bones

Its a wavering tower, falling , falling, and flesh crushed in stone.

To the lands of old, the promised lands gone, a cry given in fear.

The ones chosen in life, become the outcast in death, no forgivness near.

The stars have eyes, and the children cries, and the heart is made of stone.

There will be fire in the halls, the heralds will fall and mans dust will not die alone..

Lights dim and the heart falls to a low

The air is thick and the darkness rolls, the wind stops to blow.

It is said the day will end, but not for your bones

In graves of blood and burning fields, loved ones covered in stone.

The darkness comes and winds rage, and mankind looks to the sky

In the mists of night comes the prince of light, and men will begin to die.

A whole is formed,  a worm to scorn, a shadow lit in lie

Heat to be becomes misery, and mankind will wonder why.

Words are said as a country lies dead, a shallow cry to hear

The wind stops as the heavens spread, many hide in fear

Man against man, country against country, all in a field of stone

As the angels roar and the wings soar, you will die alone.

Its the way of wonder, the fires that sunder, the flesh that rips from the bone

Again i say, wonder is the way, all in a field of stone.

3 days to dream and 3 to scream, 1 is left to fear

For there are days to live and days to die and even animals leave a tear.

Woe to thee sorrow and misery, man is left to ponder

Dreams to end and the mind is dead, man is left to wonder.

In the mountains is where the screams lie, a fire to end it all

Deep from hell where the heat dwells, comes a mountain side to fall

Its in the land of the free where there is misery, the world will see the day

When a mountain explodes as the eagle soars and darkness becomes the way.

Smoke and ash, a serpents lash and men fall to none

Its the masters way, serenity of the day and way to hell is done.

The world will say it was the day when the world began to die,

When the heralds work is to give pain and man stops to lie.