I sit here in my home, watching the world fall into darkness..As i grew up i watched the world change, from one day to another, one year to another, one decade to another, and all i see is the degrading values that we the people hold so close become entangled in greed, corruption, unmoral and unjust acts, war, ect….I have always said that one day mankinds fate will be sealed by the acts and demoralization of its society..

I make no claims as to admire or love our society, in fact i am not really seen as a racist as some people think, i am not against one group or another, one religion or another, one color or another, one gender or another..In my eyes the world should be clensed..Clensed of the filth and putridness that is bringing the world closer to destruction, either by environmental, economic or war..If i had it my way the human race would not exist..

I sit here in the darkness, not a light to be seen, curtains drawn with only the darkness to comfort me, and the whispers in the darkness to hold me at bay..Whispers in the shadows, cries in the wind, they tell of what i dream about, give me hope, that someday mankind will fall from grace and one day, end..I believe in heaven, in hell, but if i had my choice when i die, i would ask to spend eternity alone in a void, in darkness, alone in dispair and silience..

If i had the power to do so, i would nuke the world from one end to the other, put an end to it all, life, death, suffering, pleasure..end the hopes, dreams, aspirations..end the conflicts, the corruption, the human race..Its the masters call, the way of it all, and the way man dies, its the way of the pen, the economic strain, and way mankind lies..I sit in thoughts, in dreams and whispers..and the shadows tell their tales..