It is in the way we live that defines us, gives us the hope for a viable future..Its in the way we love and hate, the way of the darkness around us and the image of light at the end of the tunnel that guides us..

In recent days, its come to be that whispers of yet another war rage, this time in the darkness of North Korea..As if we have suddenly forgotten the days of when Iran was the enemy, the riders of the 4 horsemen have travels east to the Koreas and are ready to reel in the seeds for another conflict..

I believe this would unfold in two differnet scenerios..The first less terrifying, carried out in conventional mean, normal warfare, long, costly and devistateing…North Korea rages its war against the south, as the usa comes to its aid,and war breaks out in the region, with russia and china sitting at the sidelines waiting and watching..

The second senerio is more scarry and even more devistating..North Korea uses nuclear missles against the south, japan or against the usa..In the event of an attack against usa soil, Nato would invoke article 12, an attack against one Nato ally is an attack against all of Nato, therefore pulling Europe into the war, and thus bringing Russia to North Koreas side as Russia is against Nato, when this happens china would then get involved thus setting the events for the final world war..a nuclear conflict that will engulf the world..