The halls are on fire, and the darkness wages it war..let whatever god you believe in have pitty upon your souls, for the time of the reaping of man is at hand..


I make no judgement on mankind, as we all have to answer for our lives in the end..

I will break this post into subsections, as each will have its own fate..

I am the breaker of nations, and he who has an ear, let it be heard,for the time is short.

To the jewish nation of Israel, i say, you have wandered from your path. In the eyes of Gods grace, you will find a kind of pain. You kill the innocent, starve people, and wage your war as you feel its your right, while at the same time forgetting the cries of your own people as they were gased, starved, killed in Germany and other parts of the world. You have forgotten your place, forgotten your grace, and have fallen from the path of David. For this you will meet a new kind of terror, a new kind of pain.

For those of Islam, i say to you, where is your faith, where is the ways you should follow. You say you are of a peaceful religion, but wage your wars, wage your torment, wage your fear. It is said that fate is a double edge sword, and cuts both ways. You to have fallen from grace, fallen from the ways of your God, you live in spite, corrupting the ways of your faith. For this you will face a new age, a new fall, and happyness will never find you, peace will never calm your hearts until your shadows are abolished..

Christianity is fallen, the church has become corrupt..Shame to the men of cloth,  you have darkened the ways of faith with your perverted ways, you have fallen into the hands of corruption and have fallen and have been led astray..and the path is are no longer what was, a pristine faith..The lights of the churches dim as the shadow grows, and way is have failed man, you have failed man, and your end is near, is at hand..

I am of man, of god and land, i am of he who sits and cries, of he who passed judgement, if we live or die..I am of he who was and is, he who is of this world, i am of the i am..


I make not hidden my disapporoval of man, of the death of the land, of wars and destrucion, death by sword and hand, I sense it in the air, a feeling of dispair, i feel it in the wind, and its darkness, shadows from within..

If someone asks me how i see the world, i would say i see it in fire, slowly destroyed by mankinds greed. I only have one wish, for peace..but for peace to exist, so must all mankind die..But this is only a wish, as i see it will happen one day, manybe now, maybe later, but it will happen, that much i am sure of. I say let it happen, let the darkness roll on like whispers in the wind..


I feel as if mankind has forgotten its place, forgotten its mandate, forgotten is roll in this world..I feel as if mankind should perish, i dont care if your jewish, christian, muslim, buddah, or if you dont believe in god, our values as human beings will be our downfall, i see it, i feel it, i welcome it..Life was once something pristine, something beautiful, something worth cherishing, and we only destroy it as if its garbage..So i say this day, lets end it all, lets all die regaurdless of religion, regaurdless of country, lets end it now, end the pain, end the torment, end the mistrust that is destroying the fabric of our society..destroy mankind..